Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ninja vs Zombies: Survive

Ninja vs Zombies: Survive is quite fascinating free on line ninja game. This cool game combine the platformed and ninja genre. You've to run as quickly as you'll be able to, jump as higher as you are able to and carry out acrobatic tricks as finest as you could in an effort to dodge your enemies and defeat them. To defeat your evil enemies you might have to work with your mighty katana sword and your shurikens. Within this entertaining game you play the role of a lonely ninja and also you are within a battle with hordes of evil zombies. Give your best to keep alive as long as it is possible to and defend your self against hordes of zombies. Kill all undead by attacking them with absolutely nothing else but your ninja sword and shurikens. Earn adequate gold to upgrade your energy and unlock achievements within this game. Total 30 achievements to raise your starting gold and possibility to survive the zombie apocalypse. This game includes endless waves of zombies. Quantity of zombies increase as time passes. There are lots of sorts of zombies: typical cannon-fodder zombies, highly effective, tank-type fat zombies and other. Directions: make use of the arrow keys or the W, A, S and D keys to move and jump within the game, use the Y important to attack with your sword, make use of the X key to attack with your shuriken, use the space bar crucial to enter shop and make use of the P crucial to pause the game. Great luck, lonely ninja!